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doggy play-date anyone?
Tiffanny Posted at 2007/01/02 11:59am reply to

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Hello everyone,

I've been living in Austin a month now, and me and my husband both work at home. needless to say, we're having troubles meeting anyone, plus our dog needs to socialize with other dogs! I was wondering if anyone would want to do a doggy play date? Anyone interested? my dog is completely vaccinated.
mattabo71 Posted at 2007/01/02 10:17pm reply to

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my dog doesn't like other dogs -- but if you live near downtown- there is a great dogpark on lamar near pease park you should check out. (there are like ten blocks through that park where dogs are allowed off leash) And there are a bunch of other dogparks around town where social dogs get to frolick together -- I wish my dog was into it- but he just wants to bite other dogs in the neck....
jen Posted at 2007/01/03 8:21am reply to

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hey, i'd love to meet up to walk the dogs.  how's sunday?  where abouts do you live?  

p.s. my dog has some social issues, so he's not your typical dog, but he is so much better for me at the dog park if we go with a doggy buddy (but you'll still think he's weird...and i'm okay with that happy )

Tiffanny Posted at 2007/01/04 11:17am reply to

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YAY I would love to meet up on Sunday. Let me know the time and the place and i'll be there with Gracie. My dog HAD social issues and was cured after going to doggy daycare at my old town in pennsylvania. but now she's not socializing anymore she's becoming fearful again. so i hope meeting up with other dogs will help. and it will help me to have human contact again too. working from home is great but i never meet people.

yay yay yay

ps. i live in mustang ridge, south of austin, but i'm willing to travel!! my e-mail is
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