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Veggie Heaven Closing Dec. 22
Jacob Posted at 2014/12/11 11:55am reply to

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From the article:
Campus-area favorite of vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, Veggie Heaven will close its doors on December 22. The owner, Mrs. Chen, is retiring from operating the restaurant that has been in business on Guadalupe Street since 1998.

A potential new owner is in negotiations to take over the space and re-open Veggie Heaven, with some updates to the space, in the coming months, an employee said. I'll give you more updates as they become available.
Gabriel Posted at 2014/12/11 4:00pm reply to

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Hopefully if gets bought, the new owners will make it all vegan....and clean.  (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
weigand Posted at 2014/12/12 3:15pm reply to

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We're the most liberal city in Texas, yet we don't even have one Taiwanese vegan restaurant. Hopefully that will change if the new owners come in and raise their game.

Veggie Heaven has/had an interesting model. They're right on the doorstep of UT main campus, for one. That means an endless supply of college students who are experimenting with vegetarianism, want something different, or who just want to impress their dates. Second, they produce a meal almost as fast as McDonald's. From the time you order to the time you get your food was around 5 minutes. That's great for students who need to get to class and don't have time to wait. But it also meant that the food was mediocre. Things didn't taste fresh. I suspect they had to keep piles of pre-heated ingredients around and ready to re-heat very quickly. Veggies were often mushy and bland. Third, they made every dish out of the same small number of basic ingredients. In their kitchen, this meant they could use the small space much more efficiently.

All of that combined to make Veggie Heaven a successful business. The food quality was okay, but not great. Hopefully the next restaurant will be vegan or at least vegetarian, and they will do better.

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