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Vegan Penny Loafers?
chasenorris Posted at 2014/06/14 7:58pm reply to

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Hello, I've been looking all over the internet for men's vegan penny they exist? I need some nice brown slip-on's for work, but everything I've found it pretty ugly. Have any of you found nice vegan dress shoes?
peter Posted at 2014/06/15 9:03am reply to

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The go-to online places for vegan dress shoes seem to be Moo Shoes and Zappo's. The former is fully vegan and the latter has free two-way shipping. Have you tried either of those yet? I haven't gotten anything from either of them personally, but they both have solid reputations. A cursory look at both of their websites brings up a bunch of options.
mDadap Posted at 2014/06/15 11:52am reply to

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Brown vegan penny loafers do exist, but if you want good looking ones that will also be comfortable, they are going to be expensive. My husband prefers Novacas or Bourgeois Boheme for dress shoes, as the cheaper shoes (vegetarian shoes, payless brand, etc) always hurt his feet. I've found a few loafers while looking around the sites I'll normally look at for shoes:
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