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Whole Foods bakery case
celeste Posted at 2014/06/09 8:58pm reply to

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Has anyone else noticed that Whole Foods seems to be increasingly less vegan-friendly? I have several different examples of this, but on a recent trip to the Lamar store I was super annoyed that the baked-goods case only had a couple of things labelled as vegan, even though I know in the past some of the items (like the oatmeal-walnut scone) had been vegan. The employees I asked about it were confused/confusing, so I emailed the bakery manager and here is my response, FYI:

Hello Ms. Caswell,
        Thank you for sending me your concerns and feedback.  We strive daily to make our
bakery the best with a wide variety of products for our guest.  The Walnut scone is
vegan and I will update the sign immediately.  Other options that are vegan are:
Lemon Blueberry Scone, All 3 flavors of Turnovers, Big John Cookies, Vegan
Chocolate Chip Cookie, Ronnie's Cookies and of course all the donuts.    I will
follow up and ensure that these are properly labeled.  As for the Muesli stick,
unfortunately our bake house is no longer making that item.  I will send your
feedback to them though.  Again, I really appreciate you contacting me.  I value
your feedback and will make the changes needed.  
Jessica Brocker  

Ross Posted at 2014/06/10 7:42am reply to

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wow the turnovers are vegan? yeah i've been feeling the same way about the stuff that's at the domain location. i wonder if the turnovers and other things unlabeled there are also vegan
UTexasMark Posted at 2014/06/10 9:35am reply to

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I've noticed labeling problems at many Whole Foods in the last year or so.  Almost every time the ingredients are the same (still vegan), but the items are mislabeled.  Dallas Whole Foods are worse than Austin for that kind of thing.
eatmymilk Posted at 2014/06/10 10:49pm reply to

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i work at the downtown whole foods.  if you look at the ingredients on all their summer pies like blueberry, cherry, apple there appears to be no animal ingredients, but they aren't labeled vegan.  If you're interested in a pie I would ask someone in the bakery department if they're truly vegan because maybe there is some reason why they don't label them vegan.  The pecan pie definitely isn't vegan though.
peter Posted at 2014/06/11 1:08am reply to

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This seems similar to something I dealt with years ago when the downtown WF brought back their line of vegan doughnuts. (Remember those pre-Red Rabbit days?) Anyway, all of them had vegan ingredients listed, but only some of them were labeled as such. When I asked the baker, he confirmed that all of them were indeed vegan, and said that they did that intentionally because they didn't want to scare away the omnivores. This may not be the case this time, but it is a possibility.
Ross Posted at 2014/06/11 7:25am reply to

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I emailed the Domain Whole Foods a month or so ago (and never got a response), encouraging them to just put a 'V' so we'd know and other folks would be none the wiser.
Gabriel Posted at 2014/06/11 11:30am reply to

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WFM does seem to be increasingly less vegan-friendly.  They got rid of the vegan cafe. The Greens, Beans, & Grains area used to only have one non-vegan option and three vegan options for the protein; now it's three non-vegan options and one vegan option.  They make labeling mistakes all the time on the salad and hot bar with things labeled as vegan that shouldn't be and things that are vegan not labeled as such.  They also put meat dishes on the hot bar right next to vegan ones, which results in a lot of cross contamination.  (The salad/hot bar in WFM Las Vegas keeps vegan items on a separate bar.  Plus they have a lot more options!)

As for the donuts, I'm not sure I trust WFM about them any more.  Last December, they alternately had the fritters labeled as vegan and on other days as non-vegan (with a label that showed they contained milk and eggs).  It varied day by day, going from vegan to non-vegan back to vegan then to non-vegan again.  I was never given an adequate explanation about this, although someone said that WFM claimed the donuts were all still vegan.  Then, why did they have a sign on some days showing that they contained milk and eggs? Here's the pic that I took:

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