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Speciesism: The Movie Austin Premiere
eatmymilk Posted at 2014/02/22 1:20pm reply to

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I don't know how many of you have heard of this new documentary but it's subject matter is what's missing from films like Forks Over Knives and other documentaries like Food Inc.  It's just as easy to watch as these other documentaries because the animal suffering footage is so brief and there are no scenes of any animals being killed.  It's available to watch on vimeo for a 48 hour rental period at $2.99 or the director will be here in town showing the documentary and doing a Q&A afterwards on March 27th at the Galaxy Highland 10.  I've watched it once or twice by myself and then I've seen it over 5 times with other people.  When it comes to getting people to go vegan or at least reduce their cruelty-filled consumption and honor and respect and understand veganism, this is the best film that exists besides "Earthlings."  Please don't be the know-it-all vegan who thinks they know and have seen it all.  Give this movie a shot, I can promise you'll probably enjoy it.  A friend of mine who is vegan has never really watched any of the videos before because of some abuse she had to endure as a child so she doesn't want to see other animals being abused, but she watched this whole movie and then went to share it on facebook.  Please check it out and spread the word.


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