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We Need Your Help For "Dine On Me"
eatmymilk Posted at 2013/10/09 4:02pm reply to

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This upcoming Friday night myself and two other animal rights activists will be holding up signs near P. Terry's on Barton Springs by ACL.

We are paying people $10 cash (to go towards a vegan meal) to watch a 10-minute video called "Farm to Fridge" by Mercy For Animals about the cruel and hidden realities of our food system.  We just need $60, so we can each get two participants and I can get enough footage for the Dine On Me kickstarter video, so we can try to raise enough money to do this several hours every week.  

I've gone out and done this solo a couple of times and have gotten 3 out of 9 participants to commit to going vegan, so I can tell you that this is effective activism and your donation could pay for someone to go vegan or get them on a path to going vegan.  There will also be lots of people walking by, so who knows how many people are going to pause on their walk and watch.  

If you can donate money, you will be mentioned in the Thank You section of the ending credits for the fundraiser video.  I don't have a paypal or any kind of account set up, but maybe someone here can figure something out or one of the participants or myself could pick up the money.

If you can donate please email me at

Thank you.
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