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Bike-in Movies thurs (5/11) & sun (5/14)
simon Posted at 2006/05/10 1:51am reply to

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Here is the bike-in movie schedule this week from nomadic cinema. as usual, all events are free and open to all. if you have a movie or future event suggestion, email me directly at simoninslc at yahoo dot com

Sunday 5.14 - 8pm
Nomadic Cinema presents: Bike-In Movie #17
Snake Eyes Vinyl, 1211 E 7th St, 220-7019

8pm - Short films / open screen
9pm - MC5: A True Testimonial (2004, 119min, Dir: David C. Thomas)

One of the most electrifying acts to ever storm a Rock'n'Roll stage, the MC5's Detroit performances in the late 60s are legend. Their debut album, Kick Out the Jams, set a high-energy sonic standard rarely matched in the thirty years since its release. The MC5's uncompromising stance and radical affiliations placed them, briefly, at the musical forefront of a generation bent on political and cultural change. In the midst of the most turbulent years in our nation's history, the MC5 embraced the promise and embodied the possibilities of a real American Revolution.

Through rare film and television footage, still photographs and interviews, the whole story of the MC5 will come to life again. This is a story of stars and bars and dragstrips and riots; Panthers and pot-busts; Art and Revolution and the FBI; this is the real story of five genuine American heroes. This is the story of a revolution fueled by twin guitars and decked out in sequined suits; this is a story of the fire and of the smoke behind the American Dream.

with live music from locals, Human Being Lawnmower

BYO: food, drink, bikes, short films, something to sit on and good conversation / / /

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Thurs 5.11 - 8pm
Nomadic Cinema presents: Bike-In Movie #15
Waterloo Cycles parking lot, 2815 Fruth St (corner of guadalupe)

8-8.30 - open screen - byo short films
8.30-9pm - still we ride
9.15-10.45 - bicycle thief
11-21.15 - triplets of belville

hopefully there'll get some actual seating for this triple bill as the parking lot gets a little uncomfortable... just in case, byo

Still We Ride (2004, 30 min, Dir: Andrew Lynn & Elizabeth Press)

On Friday August 27, 2004 just days before the start of the Republican National Convention, a massive police operation was underway. By the end of the night 264 people were arrested. It marked one of the largest mass arrests in New York City's history - and the arrested had done nothing illegal.

For many New Yorkers, August was the first time they  heard of what has become a monthly ritual for New York City's bike community; a free-forming ride called Critical Mass.

Bicycle Thief (1948, 90mins, Dir: Vittorio de Sica)

After nearly two years of unemployment, Antonio (Lamberto Maggiorani) finally finds work posting bills. But he needs a bicycle to do the job. Unfortunately, he was forced to pawn his own bicycle long ago. In a humbling, tragic scene, Antonio exchanges his family's linen for his bicycle. But when the bike is stolen on his first day of work, he must comb the streets of Rome in search of the bike: his family's only means to survival.

"Deceptively simple and yet profoundly moving, The Bicycle Thief has the kind of power that one rarely finds in movies these days."

Triplets of Bellville (2003, 81mins, Dir: Sylvain Chomet)

In this animated French film, a boy named Champion trains relentlessly for the Tour de France, with the help of his loyal grandmother and overweight dog, Bruno (who loves to bark at passing trains). When the big race comes, Champion and a few of his fellow racers are kidnapped by some box-shouldered thugs who spirit them off to Belleville (a surreal impression of 1930s-1950s Manhattan) where they are forced to pedal as part of a clandestine gambling operation.

"A sophisticated, wholly original brand of animated storytelling that manages to be at once deliriously eccentric and deliciously sinister."

BYO: food, drink, bikes, short films, something to sit on and good conversation / /
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