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Omega 3s
UTexasMark Posted at 2013/07/16 12:19pm reply to

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So I remember the recent studies saying fish oil was possibly causing rather than eliminating prostate cancer.  They admit it still helps many conditions, but it's another example of supplements seeming to be both good and bad.

I wondered if that applied to sources besides fish oil and came across all the ALA vs. DHA stuff.  Basically the body doesn't get much real Omega 3 from flax seeds because it has a bad conversion process.

What's everyone's take on this?  The last decade seems to teach me to eat whole foods, avoid supplements, and be moderate, but I'm certainly not an expert in this field.  Should we be taking supplements?  Maybe I should just make sure I eat enough nooch to keep up with my B12 and ignore the rest.
eatmymilk Posted at 2013/07/17 12:06am reply to

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I eat walnuts and ground flax (both good sources) just about every day, so even if purely flax isn't optimal, I think you'll be fine if you include walnuts
weigand Posted at 2013/07/18 2:48pm reply to

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One nutritionist I spoke to on the subject probably 8 years ago said that although flax oil may increase risk of prostate cancer in men, ground flax seed (whole, not the oil) might reduce it. And so the recommendation was to sprinkle ground flax seed on salads and in sauces and so forth, but avoid the oil. The thought was that the oil is highly refined and contained dosages far greater than one would encounter eating whole food, so that was the likely cause of the prostate cancer risk.

Beats me. I've been following this subject for a while now. I used to buy algae-based, vegan omega 3 oil capsules. I don't anymore. They're expensive, and I just don't have enough scientific reason to be adding them to my diet.

I definitely agree with eating more walnuts in your diet, though. Not a lot, just a handful (they're high in calories and fat). Make them a habitual part of your breakfast everyday. Walnuts are recommended for all kinds of preventive benefits. For example, to ward off dementia in old age. Almonds are good also, but if I had to choose between the two, I would choose walnuts over almonds.

- Steve
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