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Wedding Catering
UTexasMark Posted at 2013/05/25 5:04pm reply to

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It's been talked about before, but now Green Island is leaving us.  So who's left?  Surprisingly the menus at Whole Foods and Wheatsville have few vegan options.  They have tons of great vegan things in the store that aren't on their catering menus.

Does anyone know of some caterers?  Maybe the places I mentioned above will be flexible.  I'm having a hard time thinking of anyplace with nice vegan food.  We have so many great food trailers, but few upscale places with more than one or two vegan dishes.
Ross Posted at 2013/05/27 4:44am reply to

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They're not the fanciest, but Mr. Natural does indeed do wedding catering
mollyjade Posted at 2013/05/28 10:46am reply to

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Becca is trying to sell Green Island, I believe. So that may still be an option. I used Whole Foods, and they'll make you stuff not on their official menu. It wasn't really that great though.

You might try talking to the Natural Epicurean. They might know of a graduate who's doing catering now.
KatieB Posted at 2013/05/30 3:12pm reply to

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Yeah, we used Whole Foods for our rehearsal dinner, and people loved it.  They did prepare some off-menu items for us, but I think we mostly went with some of their Asian dishes and veggie sushi platters
weigand Posted at 2013/06/02 1:12pm reply to

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Yeah, we were going to use Green Island for our wedding reception up until a few weeks ago when we learned they were splitsville. Bummer. I had my heart set on using them.

We're now looking at using either Whole Foods or Catering With A Twist. It looks like they're both very open to suggestion for whatever you want and very capable. Neither are pure vegan, but they can make pure vegan and GF menus.

Catering With A Twist is coming out a little more expensive than WF for us, but I do like their menu a lot better. They didn't just echo back to us what we wanted. They thought about it and designed a menu where everything worked together and had a theme. Though, I think you can pretty much work with either of them to plan what you want.

Another issue we've been seeing is with cake design. We've been emailing and calling different vegan cake designers in Austin, and so far we've got no replies. Not sure what we're doing wrong.

Speaking of that, it's been kind of hard getting in touch with caterers in general. WF's catering web site goes up and down. I don't know why. Their email contact took a while to get back to us. I forget if we had the same issues with Catering With A Twist. Green Island got back to us immediately, though.

- Steve
mollyjade Posted at 2013/06/03 11:33am reply to

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I had better luck with cake than catering. This is my wedding cake from Coco Paloma. It's red velvet with cream cheese frosting (and fondant). I'm fairly sure it's the recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World. Though looking at her website, she no longer advertises vegan cakes...
vegan wedding cake

Capital City Bakery and Mr. Natural both do wedding cakes.
KatieB Posted at 2013/06/05 9:39pm reply to

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I did Capital City Bakery for our cake(s) and we LOVED everything!  We wanted a cupcake tower, and Kristin suggested having a small cake on top for us to cut, so we were able to get three different fall-themed flavors (I think they were pumpkin spice, maple, and apple-cider) and she created gorgeous fondant fall leaves to top each cupcake. The pricing was really reasonable too happy
celeste Posted at 2013/06/07 5:37pm reply to

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You may want to try Pink Avocado. I've never had their food myself, but I went to a wedding extravaganza expo and they were the only caterers that used the word "vegan" in their display. There were dozens of caterers there and they were all like, "uh, vegan? What? Um, sure we could do that. We can make hummus and portabello mushrooms."
Cassandra Posted at 2013/06/21 3:42pm reply to

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I don't know, man. We had Pink Avocado cater a few work events and their presentation was lackluster. Their vegan food was meh. And we gave them multiple tries because they we really responsive to being vegan and/or local. Maybe they would be willing to work with you, though.
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