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Daisies Cafe
aldakemina Posted at 2013/03/17 7:57pm reply to

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Anyone tried Daisies cafe? Looks like they have some good vegan lunch options which makes me think their breakfast tacos (beans, tortillas) might be vegan.

Ross Posted at 2013/03/18 6:08pm reply to

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Nice! Haven't tried it myself, definitely let us know if you go by and check it out
jennylorraine Posted at 2013/04/09 8:29pm reply to

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daises is quite vegan friendly. breakfast tacos are easy, and there is also a hot dog and a burger on the lunch menu for vegans.  
they are so sweet and know exactly what is vegan on the menu.
when i get a breakfast taco, i get beans, potatoes, peppers and onions, and avocado.  its $3 and filling and awesome.
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