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Don't forget the bike-in movie this thur
simon Posted at 2006/04/19 12:47am reply to

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come early, come late, but do come:

thurs april 20th (a.k.a. this week, third thursday) @ Waterloo Cycles parking lot (fruth st. and guadalupe over by spiderhouse)

8pm - short films and stuff
9pm - Slam

A raw poem of a movie - a barrage of emotions, that seeks to move you, rather than worry about being slick. Slam tells the story of Ray Joshua (poet and musician, Saul Williams), an original, gifted young rapper trapped in a war zone housing project known as Dodge City. Unable to find a job, Ray copes with the despair and poverty of his neighborhood by using his wits, verbal talent and dealing drugs, until the law catches up with him.  In jail, Ray becomes trapped between two gangs, but finds possible salvation through words and writing teacher, Lauren Bell (Sonja Sohn),

Imagine wordslingers and verbal assault squads at work and you get a flavor of the heat that the
language in Slam contains. Both Saul William and Sonja Sohn are poets. All of the poems you hear are the writings of the poets themselves. Indeed, every word in the movie was completely improvised, so that each time a scene was reshot, it became a new scene. Slam does not move seamlessly like Hollywood movies -- it lingers, lurches and leaps breathlessly -- more like poetry than film.

BYO - drinks, food, conversation, short films, the usual

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the nomadic cinema bike-in movie and social club:

liberating film from the theater, removing you from your car, fueling discussion, inspiring action. always free, reclaiming empty spaces - backyards, alleys, parking lots, blank walls, fields, parks, gardens, bridges

see you on the streets
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