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new Promise Pizzas?
Jacob Posted at 2012/04/03 9:55pm reply to

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I saw this on the Promise Pizza facebook page:

For vegans out there, thanks for your supports. We know you need more choices. We are experimenting on a new pizza. The highlight is tandoori marinated baked tofu topping. It is made with all nature GMO free tofu with all natural Tandoori spices. Got positive feedbacks from partners on first trial! I am now working on operations, procedures and training side to realized this concept. Please stay tuned. Of course it Daiya cheese options will be free for this pizza.

Wahoo!  I can't wait to try it =D
carrie Posted at 2012/04/04 12:07am reply to

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Cool! Round Rock meetup in the future?
Ross Posted at 2012/04/04 7:44am reply to

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Awesome, glad to hear they're experimenting. They've never really had anything that stood out for me to want to eat there that much, so having something more than just vegetables will help.
Jacob Posted at 2012/04/04 8:58am reply to

Posts: 2479
>Cool! Round Rock meetup in the future?

Yeah!  They also have a location in North West Austin

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Josh xvx Topic Posted at 2012/04/04 10:52am reply to

Josh xvx Topic
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they do cheesy garlic knots that are so awesome!
lizzdelicious Posted at 2012/04/27 11:02pm reply to

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We get Promise Pizza all the time. They have specials pretty regularly where you get an extra large pizza, salad, and cinnamon knots for $20. It lasts us 4-5 servings depending on how piggy we get happy It's a great way to get vegan pizza without having to make it yourself. Last time (and first time) we went to Conan's, they lost our order. It also wasn't Wednesday so they charged us over $3 for the vegan cheese.
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