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Discuss: Vegan Chamber of Commerce
VeganExplosion Posted at 2010/12/06 5:30pm reply to

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Jess and Kristen just mentioned this topic again in the vegan hairstylist thread. Kristen, Jess, Sue, Becca, Celeste, Amelia, Valerie, other vegan business owners: this is for you.

We've been talking about this for at least a couple of years.

Maybe it's something we should finally discuss here on VRA.

Austin needs a Vegan Chamber of Commerce. We have plenty of vegan business, vegan business owners and future business owners in our community.

A Vegan Chamber of Commerce can:
-provide business referrals to those that are new to Austin
-help business to business growth with directories
-provide a learning & sharing network (small business workshops/seminars/events)
-promote community involvement (volunteering, fundraisers, etc)

To be clear:
I don't think we need to start a full fledged chamber of commerce (which requires capital and financial maintenance aka another business) but maybe an "unofficial chamber". It could be as simple as a once a month meeting.
Ross Posted at 2010/12/06 6:28pm reply to

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I'd definitely be interested in supporting something like this on our site, like maybe having a page for the directory, not sure if you guys wanted to create a separate site for it or not, but this is a great idea happy
weigand Posted at 2010/12/06 11:01pm reply to

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I think it would be a good idea to have a vegan business mentor program or something. Basically, volunteers from vegan businesses willing to give advice to and talk with other vegan business entrepreneurs who are starting out. And maybe a private discussion forum and newsletter or something for vegan business owners. Doesn't have to be too structured.

- Steve
Amelia Posted at 2010/12/08 8:40am reply to

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Once me and Valerie are out of the woods in setting up Sweet Ritual, I'd like to have at least a monthly informal coffee meeting just to share ideas & such. Keep us posted!
jen Posted at 2010/12/08 10:12am reply to

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i'd definitely be interested in this too, so count me in!  
Jessica. Posted at 2010/12/08 10:23pm reply to

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kinda like this except current/working?
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