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roommate for solar powered house?
bpmojo Posted at 2010/04/09 4:10pm reply to

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OK here are the details.

off-the-grid so there are no real bills.
its an old rustic ranch-style house that this woodworker converted to be eco-friendly. its still very much a work in progress.

There are 3 rooms, 1 will for sure need to be moved into in late may/june, (to replace my roommate who will be going to portland for the summer) the other one could be moved into as early as May 1st.

Rent would be 400-450 depending on what room it is.

Wasson Rd. 78745

email me for more details

VeganBrian Posted at 2010/05/07 11:06pm reply to

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I'm in my lease for a year, but this sounds awesome! If you guys want some help building whatever hit me up please!
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