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Kid-friendly eating places in ATX
Amelia Posted at 2010/03/28 5:08pm reply to

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Where are they?

Your favorite place to go with them to eat that you actually enjoy?

What do vegan kids like to eat?

What about other kids you know that have allergies but aren't vegan? What do they eat?
Craig? Posted at 2010/03/29 9:15am reply to

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my daughter is vegan and loves Dog Almighty, Guero's, Mr. Natural, Bouldin, and Java Noodle.  not sure if her thumb is on the pulse of your every day vegan kid, but those are her favorites.

it should also be noted that Vera is not a huge fake meat fan (having never had meat), so I'm not sure if that's par for the course either.
Amelia Posted at 2010/03/31 12:13pm reply to

Posts: 361
Can you tell me specifics of what your vegan kid likes to eat?

I'm writing up a business plan to open up a kid-friendly vegetarian cafe and I want to have some community input on what to serve.
Craig? Posted at 2010/03/31 6:26pm reply to

Posts: 1796

she likes bean-rice-and guac burritos, hot dogs, tacos, quesadillas (if the cheese doesn't taste like feet), pizza (cheeseless, or with Daiya), spaghetti (she LOVES the pesto sketti at Spiral)... to more exotic things like the Kari Tofu at Java Noodle.  she also loves my batter fried tofu in fun shapes with my Famous Sauce (vegenaise/ketchup/sweet relish) and mashed potatoes and something green... like green beans or broccoli.  what I've found is give kids something fun shaped, and let them dip it in something else... and they'll almost eat anything.

ever read that one lady's blog?  Schmood Food or something?  that's the luckiest kid in the world.

Also, isn't there someone on here who has a vegan food blog about feeding vegan kids?  two vegan boys, or something?
VeganExplosion Posted at 2010/03/31 7:24pm reply to

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Yup vegan lunch box is smooed food blog
Twoveganboys is vra mama Kris's blog

You should def have a grilled beanut butter and banana and jelly.
Amelia Posted at 2010/04/01 8:56am reply to

Posts: 361
I love reading about Shmoo's lunches on Vegan Lunch Box - I love that book and want to start making better lunches for myself.

From what I've gathered from watching Jaime Oliver's Food Revolution ('s+Food+Revolution&st=0) fun shapes & dipping sauces are the way to go. I'm really interested in a cafe that serves things bento style, with lots of cut out shapes, molds and faces.

Now... if I could only find funding... any millionaires on this board wanna throw some cash my way?
msanna Posted at 2010/04/01 9:03am reply to

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My daughter is vegan (she's eight) and she's quite the little my experience veg kids overall have more adventurous palates because the drive-thru or prepackaged, processed foods are less of an option.

Favorites: Titaya's (Kao todd, vermicelli lover w/tofu, spring rolls), Aster's, Java Noodles (Kalio tofu soup), anywhere serving veggie beans, rice and tortillas, Clay Pit (aloo gobi, lentil soup, roti and samosas), Mr Natural's tamales, baked potatoes or pasta from Mother's, the classics from Veggie Heaven, Wheatsville popcorn tofu, and The Steeping Room for special occasion tea parties.

Her friends from school have food intolerances/allergies, including Celiac's disease, peanuts and milk, so I always cook at home when there's company to reduce the risk of cross contamination. Lots of fresh fruit, smoothies, hummus or black bean dip on gluten-free chips or crackers, spring rolls, edamame, veggie sushi, soups, and corn tortillas. Tofu is an easier sell than tempeh. Most kids will eat green beans, sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower. Avocado, asparagus, squash and bell peppers are hit or miss, depending on the kid. Eggplant, mushrooms, onions and greens are rarely consumed.
Georgeous Posted at 2010/04/01 12:05pm reply to

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>Now... if I could only find funding... any millionaires on this board wanna throw some cash my way?

This won't help with the funding part so much, but commercial kitchens are expensive so once you get this going, if you're willing to rent out the kitchen during your downtime, I think we'd be interested. It'd help with your monthly payments, at least. excited
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