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Daiya at Wheatsville next week
Ross Posted at 2010/04/02 11:26pm reply to

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sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!! thanks for letting us know Dan happy
mandycoot Posted at 2010/04/04 5:52pm reply to

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>I just bought mine from Wheatsville!  
>Also, yesterday I called Whole Foods to ask if they'd be getting it today too (VegNews reported all WFs carrying it as of 4/1) and the mgr I spoke to said they still couldn't order it because of the packaging issue, and that no one could. I told him about the report, he seemed surprised and said he'd look into it.  Kind of sad that our WF flagship store is behind all the others on this.

Sorry that person didn't know what they were talking about -- they probably didn't have anything to do with ordering for dairy. angry I got my Daiya from the downtown Whole Foods today after I got off work today!
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