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What's your favourite lip balm
Jacob Posted at 2009/10/22 8:54pm reply to

Posts: 2479
and why?  500 words or less.
Amelia Posted at 2009/10/23 12:12am reply to

Posts: 361
Merry Hempsters - Peppermint kind. I first used it when I lived in Eugene, OR and have been hooked ever since.
suepurrr Posted at 2009/10/23 1:07am reply to

Posts: 165
Eco Lips
Ross Posted at 2009/10/23 11:05am reply to

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elle and i have been using bee free which i believe is eco lips, my merry hempsters stuff always seemed to lose its form and get mushy
christinablue Posted at 2009/10/24 2:18am reply to

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Well, the only vegan lip balm I can usually find is Eco-Lips, but if anyone could recommend any other brands, that would be awesome because I have a lip balm/lip gloss fetish that I haven't been able to quench since going vegan. angry
bpmojo Posted at 2009/10/24 9:05am reply to

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don't need it, don't use it.
Gabriel Posted at 2009/10/24 9:57am reply to

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You're lucky, bpmojo.  

At the slightest sign of cold weather, my lips and knuckles start to crack.  It used to be impossible to find vegan lip balm since they all had beeswax and/or lanolin.  I'd use things like coconut oil and Vitamin E oil, but now it seems like we have a pretty good selection.  

I like and use Merry Hempsters but do agree with Ross that it doesn't seem to be consistent in its form.  Also, I don't like that they make non-vegan lip balms that look virtually identical to their vegan versions.  After seeing all the new ones on, I'll probably try something different this year.  I'll post here what I think of the one I end up trying.
Amelia Posted at 2009/10/25 4:47pm reply to

Posts: 361
I've been using Merry Hempsters for three years now and i've never had trouble with consistency issues.
Jessica. Posted at 2009/10/26 4:04pm reply to

Posts: 446
i like the Crazy Rumors lip balms, carried by cosmos vegan shoppe. they have coffee flavors, tea flavors, juice flavors, ice cream flavors, and bubble gum flavors. pretty much the "lip smackers" of the vegan world.


DRiot Posted at 2009/11/02 8:40pm reply to

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Keep this tidbit in mind:

Waxy-like lip substances are meant to KEEP moisture in, so if your lips are dry/chapped/cracked/etc. these will help keep in whatever (little) moisture is still there, but not help with it.

You may need a hydrating balm, MOST of which are not vegan, but good ones include avocado, aloe, or almond oil as ingredients.

Kristal Posted at 2009/11/03 3:38am reply to

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@ jessibot oh wow. I MUST try this lip balm. such yummy flavors...
I loved lip smackers growing up. think I had all the flavors under the sun. ^_^
leslie c. Posted at 2009/11/03 9:32am reply to

leslie c.
Posts: 153
@christinablue  have you tried ZuZu Luxe?  i love their products.  their lipglosses are really nice too!  you can usually find them at Whole Foods.
karen Posted at 2009/11/03 11:02pm reply to

Posts: 333
Alba Coconut lip balm.

..."but they started adding beeeeeeswax to it!" you say?

guess what, sucka! I came across a bunch at Whole Foods in Dallas earlier this year that did not contain beeswax (and they carried some that do contain b.wax as well, I just had to read carefully) and then stocked up!

I'm not sure if it's a distribution thing or if they just happened to have a bunch of old lip balms on the shelf. I'll probably check again next time. Otherwise, I'll try @jessibot's suggestion.

oh, and if you're looking for clear lip gloss, origins has a nice & tingly "sheer crystal"
Not Wes Posted at 2009/11/04 10:49am reply to

Not Wes
Posts: 611
I like the density of Merry Hempsters. Alba was my fav before they went & ruined it, but it's mushier. I still have one of each flavor around here somewhere.
NickS Posted at 2013/06/14 4:00pm reply to

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I use Booda Butter naked lip balm.  No problem with consistency and works great.
KatieB Posted at 2013/06/30 7:07am reply to

Posts: 37
I like Juice Beauty (Alicia Silverstone's brand)Purely Kissable Lip Color, which you can find at Ulta. It is super moisturizing, completely vegan, and has the barest suggestion of color.
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