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Gabriel Posted at 2008/01/07 7:43pm reply to

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FYI, I don't know if this is a new thing or if they just started labeling accurately,  but I know that this will be disappointing news for many.....
jen Posted at 2008/01/07 8:34pm reply to

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yeah, i never bought that brand before, so when my mom had it at home for me over the holidays i decided to check the label even though it said soy, and sure enough, not vegan.  i feel bad for her..she tries so hard, but just can't can't it right! :-)
John Posted at 2008/01/08 12:08am reply to

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disappointing indeed. i remember the label saying 'may contain traces of milk' as so many other products do but it's pretty lame if it's always had the milk cultures in it. this goes without saying but it's pretty silly to make a soy yogurt with milk ingredients in it.
karen Posted at 2008/01/08 5:22pm reply to

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poor john. that's your favorite yogurt, too...
kayla Posted at 2008/01/08 5:30pm reply to

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ha - i got hooked on the strawberry o'soy when i was at PETA...  a bit ironic, i suppose.  but i know for a fact that the label said "may contain traces of milk," not "contains milk."  anyhow, it always sucks when you find out something you like isn't vegan.  like NERDS, craig!  i freakin' loved those things...  thanks a lot!   happy
Gabriel Posted at 2008/01/14 6:48pm reply to

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Yeah, I am a vigilant label reader and had eaten this before.  That makes me think that this was definitely not labeled properly or that they changed their source of cultures.
Gabriel Posted at 2014/09/29 2:20pm reply to

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Reviving an old thread, but apparently O'Soy is now vegan.  They added a certified vegan label on there, and they removed the offending culture from their soy line.  My internet research led me to the e-mail response below from them to someone in November 2013.  Anyway, this would not be my first choice, especially given their previous issue and how long it took them to fix it, not to mention that they are first and foremost a dairy company.  But, it's still nice to know that a change has been made, and there is another vegan option.  Here's the e-mail someone posted on another discussion board:

Thanks for reaching out to us about our O'Soy organic soy yogurt.

We heard from a number of fans that they'd be interested in a completely vegan yogurt. Because the L. Casei culture in O'Soy was milk based, we weren't able to call it truly vegan. So, we removed the L. Casei (while leaving the remaining recipe intact) and now O'Soy is a certified vegan soy

Note that during this changeover you may find both the original as well as the new vegan version of O'Soy on your store shelves; be sure to grab one that's appropriate for you.

We hope this is helpful, please don't hesitate to give us a shout if you have any other questions. Thanks again for getting in touch.


The folks at Stonyfield

(Source of the e-mail:
Ross Posted at 2014/09/29 7:47pm reply to

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where can you even buy this stuff?
celeste Posted at 2014/10/24 5:12pm reply to

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Ross, Central Market is the only place I've seen it in Austin.
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