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letter-potluck ??
Tiffanny Posted at 2007/03/30 12:46pm reply to

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Hi, I was just thinking about this...

This vegan group is organized as hell, and when you're organized you can accomplish a lot, so this is what I'm thinking: a letter-writing potluck.

On top of eating yummy food, we can find a cause/change that we want, write letters about it, and send it to who appropriate. I used to check out Peta for issues and write letters. I'm not sure how really to organize this yet. if each person brought a letter and 10 copies of it, and 10 people came, there'd be a hundred letters!! and maybe that could mean something?

I was just thinking that we should take advantage of our being fairly organized.

Is this a good idea? Is this something people are willing to do? tell me if this is lame, or if there's a better way.

mattabo71 Posted at 2007/03/30 5:23pm reply to

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I think that sounds like a great idea. I'd be down for it.
I think this would have to be separate from the general potlucks b/c we have been working very hard to keep overt politics out of those events in order to make them as non-threatening to "newbies" as possible (we've always said that there are a slew of activist organizations that one can get involved with if they want to focus on those things - but there are not as many organizations for vegans to just get together and hang-out - so that's what we hope to accomplish with the meet-ups), but I agree that we have an opportunity to use this page as a vehicle for change - and I'm all for it. We added the "Activist" discussion section a while back in order to address these needs.
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