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Vegan/Vegetarian Doctors
Tiffanny Posted at 2007/03/09 10:38am reply to

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I need a doctor, and one that's sympathetic to my diet would be good.

Are there vegetarian/vegan doctors in austin that anyone can recommend?
Craig? Posted at 2007/03/09 12:14pm reply to

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I'm in the same situation Tiffany.  I'm just going to go to the nearest doctor, and cross my fingers.  If he or she is an ass, I'll go to another one, until I find a good one.  If I do, I'll let you know!
Ross Posted at 2007/03/09 12:18pm reply to

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i haven't been to any general health doctors in austin other than the ones at the university. they've been really cool about my diet there though, and encouraging as far as herbal and self-treatment.

wish i could be of more help...good luck!
chrisB Posted at 2007/03/10 8:48am reply to

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I love my doctor... Her name is Sophie Hunt, last time I saw her she was vegetarian. It's been awhile though. But she's super sweet and caring.

If anyone goes to her, tell her I said HI! excited
Tiffanny Posted at 2007/03/12 10:07am reply to

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ChrisB, I made an appointment to see her this Friday! Thanks a lot happy I'll make sure to tell her you said "HI! happy"
MarthaMyDear Posted at 2007/03/12 8:49pm reply to

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Hello all!  This is my first post!  happy  

I'm a nurse, and a veggie patient.  It's tough out there for any new/old vegan!

I started out 3 years ago going to a nutritionist to advise me about vegan nutrition...she had a lot about the glycemic index (which IS very good info), but not much on vegan nutrition as a whole.

As for my doctor, I asked for a referral to the nutritionist and he didn't do much but laugh at me...grr...think I'll try YOUR doc, too!

Your pal in Buda,

Tiffanny Posted at 2007/03/16 4:36pm reply to

Posts: 34
Well I saw Sophie Hunt and she really was nice doctor! She's raising her new baby vegetarian. I would definitely recommend her. She did say she loves Casa de Luz.

ChrisB, I told her you said "Hi", and she said "Oh I know him, he's vegan"
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