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OK, I know this is really a grocery store with it's own posting in another section, but the prepared foods area at Whole Foods' downtown flagship location is so vast and full of vegan options, it's totally worth another post. Besides, Wheatsville also has two posts.

Anyways, the place essentially doubles as both a mega-sized grocery store and a food court. The most notable booth is the one called Green, which is actually near the produce section away from all the others. It's fully vegan, raw, and delicious. They have a seitan gyro, a taco salad, and raw pad thai, among others. The whole menu is about 8 or so items long.

Many of the other prepared food areas are vegan-friendly. The bakery has some killer desserts, the pizza area serves vegan pizza w/ Follow Your Heart (see warning in comments), and there are some other options scattered about. Self-serve food bars dominate the main floor, so you can pick and choose what you want from there and pay by the pound.

As it usually goes with Whole Foods, beware of the yuppies, and prepare to pay an arm and a leg for nearly everything there. (To help, ask for a sheet of Food Cards [see below] from the cashier.) They also have a pretty disgusting meat section. Still, this place is a very valuable resource for any vegan in town.
Address: 5th and Lamar | Hours: 8 to 10 | Phone:
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