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vegan options (make sure you SPECIFY): sauteed mushroom quesadillas (with no cheese), roasted red pepper hummus, tortilla chips with salsa (or homemade pico de gallo!), house salad (with no bread, and sesame dressing), spinach salad (with no bacon, eggs, or croutons), thai sesame noodle salad, confetti penne pasta (with no parm cheese/bread), pasta primavera (with no parm cheese/bread), roasted red pepper hummus sandwich (with no mayo, made on wheat toast), veggie sandwich (with no cheese/mayo, made on wheat toast), black bean cheese and tomato tacos (with no cheese, on corn tortillas), kids pasta with tomato sauce, kids butter noodles (cooked with oil, not butter! ask for no cheese. i always add veggies to it, too. i dont think it comes with cheese, but ask for no cheese just incase).

make sure you specify that you dont want cheese when ordering any pasta... even if it doesnt come with it. sometimes the cooks will toss some parm cheese with pasta. none ofthe soups are vegan, the only bread that is vegan is the wheat bread, corn tortillas are available, the only salad dressing that is vegan is the toasted sesame dressing, the pasta is all egg-less, veggie burger is not vegan. mashers are not vegan, but breakfast potatos are. vegan breakfast sides include: black beans, breakfast taters, toast and jam, oatmeal and toast (no butter). smoothies are all vegan (made with juice and fruit). none of the pastries are vegan.

coffee: soy milk available, chocolate for mochas is gihrardelli brand and is vegan, white chocolate and caramel sauce is not vegan, but all syrup flavors are... so if you want a caramel latte (or caramel knowlege), make sure you specify caramel SYRUP instead of sauce.
Address: 1206 parkway (12th & lamar) | Hours: | Phone: 512 476 1829
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