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A cute taiwanese cafe with two locations, one at 8557 Research Blvd, and the other location is on the drag at 1910 Guadalupe St (next to veggie heaven).

I havent verified any of their food as vegan yet(will update), but I know that some of the bubble tea is vegan. As a rule of thumb, I would stay away from any drink that uses powder; most(99%) of the bubble tea powders are made using non-dairy creamers that contain sodium caseinate (a milk derivative). you can get a bubble tea drink made with fresh fruit and soymilk, which should make it vegan. they also have coconut milk, and a few others that are vegan, too. Add an assortment of jellies (most are made with fruit, not gelatin) or tapioca pearls.
Address: 1910 Guadalupe St | Hours: | Phone: (512) 236-9398
Type: Taiwanese/bubble tea | Website Link | edit review
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