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You can get their delicious pre-made wraps at whole foods, or wheatsville... but do yourself a favor and head over to their store and grab a fresh one! They seem a bit bigger (stuffed with more fillings) when they're made fresh.

they serve hummus, tabooley, vegan dolmas, Baba Ganoush, Fries, Falafel, and a lot more Mediterannean food. Free Wi-fi, too!

I spoke with the lady at the counter (who is either a manager, or an owner) about what is vegan, and she said that everything is vegan except for the Lebni Dolma Wrap (which has yogurt and cream cheese), and the Gyro (which has meat, and yogurt). The medditerannean platter has feta cheese in it, but it can be made without. There is a special: Falafel wrap + fries for $5, but My favorite is the spicy thai tofu wrap!
Address: 2928 Guadalupe St. #102 | Hours: Mon-Fri:7-7, Sa:11-7 | Phone: 512-479-7337
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