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Kerbey lane is your typical 24 hour diner, but they do have some vegan options.

-Vegan Pancakes (different flavor every day!), Vegan breakfast platter, etc.
-You can Substitute tofu for eggs in any dish.
-make sure you specify no butter on breads (pita bread, etc), just to be sure.
-There is some question if the hippy burger (veggie burger) is actually vegan; some employees say yes and some say no. I'll update this if i ever find out.

Current List of Vegan Options:
-APPETIZERS: Chips and Salsa, Hummus and Pita
-SALAD DRESSINGS: Ginger soy, Tomato Basil, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Garlic Sesame, Peach Vinaigrette
-SAUCES: Verde, Ranchero, Chipotle, Salsa
-ENTREES: Hummus and Tabbouleh, House Salad, Veggie Soup(unless it is "Cream of" or blatantly states it contains cheese), Granola, Breakfast tacos on corn tortillas(if you order with no meat or cheese, example items: homefries, black beans, mushrooms, avocado, tofu)
-SIDES: Sweet potato fries, Fruit, Potato chips, Home fries, Guacamole, Rice, Black beans, Grilled veggies, Avocado, Corn tortillas/ Corn chips
-DESSERTS: Silken Tofu Mocha cake
-**Items that can be modified for a vegan entree:
Portabella fajitas w/out cheese and sour cream and served with corn tortillas, Berkely Salad w/out mozzarella, Nabil's Mid-east Feast w/out feta cheese and boiled eggs, Portabella Fajita Salad w/out sour cream and mixed cheese, Avocado and Black beans tacos w/out mixed cheese and served on corn tortillas, Hummus and Tabbouleh tacos served on corn tortillas, Grilled veggie tacos w/out mixed cheese and served on corn tortillas, Migas/Migas tacos made with tofu and without cheese, served on corn tortillas, Any omelet can be made with tofu and without cheese, meat, or sour cream sauce, Kerbey Scramble made with tofu and without cheese.
Address: 3704 Kerbey Ln, Austin Tx | Hours: 24 hours | Phone:
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