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This restaurant is located in Corpus Christi, TX. As far as I know this is the only vegetarian restaurant there.

I ate at this restaurant with my husband and dog. They have outdoor seating that allows dogs.

The food had very generous portions. I ordered their Hummus with pita bread, which came with a small side of vegetables and wasn't prepared for how much hummus they gave me. They gave me about 3/4 cup of hummus for dipping the pita bread. Order more pita bread and you can easily share this with another person. If you order a side salad, they don't skimp on this either. And only for a dollar-something more. The greens were dark leafy greens, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers. Not just a pile of iceberg lettuce. It came with italian dressing which I'm not sure if vegan, but very well could be. (I didn't ask)

I also ordered the Vegetarian Chipotle Chili without cheese. Again, I wasn't prepared for the gigantic bowl they gave me. It was very good.

They have hundreds of choices of teas too. Some of them are organic. I highly recommend the Rainbow Roobis Tea, which is organic. My husband loved it so much we bought a pack of it. Now the tea was expensive, but the food was very fairly priced.

The atmosphere was kind of hippie. In the same building is their store Yin Yang Fandango, which sells hemp jewelry, clothing, and aromatherapy. The eating area is softly lit. The outside seating is filled with foliage, and has a big outdoor fireplace. (It wasn't lit when I visited)

I really enjoyed this restaurant and will be visiting it when I'm in Corpus Christi again.
Address: 505 Water Street, Corpus Christi, TX 78401 | Hours: | Phone: 361-883-9123
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