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This is a branch of the Colorado-based Sunflower Markets chain, and they just opened their first Austin location at 6920 Manchaca. The location is medium-to-large sized - I'd say about 3 times the size of Sun Harvest - and it's a pretty cool addition to the list of Austin natural foods groceries.

Cool stuff:
-Sale prices are really good. Check the website link for their weekly flyer.
-This area of town, which is so far south, was really lacking decent grocery options, so this is a very welcome addition to the neighborhood.
-They have *some* stuff that's hard to find either in this neighborhood or in town, like Mexican-flavored fake beef or Uncle Eddie's cookies.
-The main floor is dominated by the notably large produce section, instead of the processed foods. The change (as well as simply the size of the section)is noticeable and very cool.

Not-so-cool stuff:
-Despite their slogans about good food at low prices, you can probably find a better deal on the majority of their non-sale items somewhere else, either in town or online.
-Organic items make up a decent portion of the produce section, but it's very much a minority.
-I give them props for having a bulk section, but beware that it is rather small.
-I only skimmed their produce offerings, but it seemed to me that if you're looking for really high end stuff, you're still gonna have to make the trek to the downtown Whole Foods.
-This being the only natural foods place in this part of town, expect the really long lines to continue beyond opening weekend.

Overall, I'd say make a point of shopping here if you're in the area. If not, then you won't be missing much.

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    Re: Newflower Markets
    Posted by: veganita on 2012-04-05 19:29:36
    The Sunflower Market brand All Natural Hummus, made by Papa John's Salads and Produce of Tolleson, AZ, contains anchovies.

    The version I read the ingredients on is what I would call basic hummus. They have other varieties as well, but I didn't read the ingredients on those.




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