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This is a newer, much larger version of the old MT Market by Kim Phuong on North Lamar...this one's still on North Lamar but it's just passed Braker Ln.

They feature tons of awesome produce on the cheap, dozens of fake vegan (and not vegan so watch out) mock meats, teas, noodles, seasonings and ice creams.

If you're looking for a large, new asian market this place is for you. Unfortunately if you shop there you are supporting their live seafood tanks and meat arena, but otherwise the mock meats make it a fun shopping trip for sure.

**Their map on their website is currently wrong if it shows their old location under 183...its new location is passed 183 a ways on the right in the new "china center"
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    Re: My Thanh Market
    Posted by: Craig? on 2006-10-30 14:34:40
    this place has a vegan "pig" that's looks real. it has a little curly tail and everything. that was just weird.
    Re: My Thanh Market
    Posted by: Mandrew on 2007-12-22 15:56:29
    Place is fucking disgusting. Don't waste your time. Huge live tanks complete with on the spot fish face smashing makes a really uncomfortable trip for any self respecting vegan. You will leave smelling the toilet of a Chinatown brothel.
    Re: My Thanh Market
    Posted by: Ross on 2011-08-04 07:46:13
    I'm copying this from the duplicate entry someone made of MT Market:

    "I help MT Supermarket with their special events, and I thought I would list all the vegetarian items they currently sell as they have significantly increased their selection when they moved into their new 65,000 square foot space about 1.5 years ago.

    Vege Spring Chicken
    Vege Ginger Chicken
    Vege Kung Pao Chicken
    Vege Duck (Smoked)
    Vege Smoked Goose
    Vege Black Pepper Steak
    Vege Beef Chunks
    Vege BBQ Pork
    Vege Citrus Spareribs
    Vege Ham Slice
    Vege Pork Ham
    Vege Chicken Ham
    Vege Fresh Fish
    Vege CHinese sausage
    Vege Italian Sausage
    Vege Assorted Hot Pot Mix
    Vege Beef Meatballs
    Vege Mushroom Balls
    Vege Codfish Balls
    Vege Chicken Balls
    Vege Salmon Fish
    Vege Shrimp
    Vege Shrimp Balls
    Vege Squid Roll
    Vege Scallop Balls
    Emerald Tofu Slice
    Vege Smoked Gluten Steak
    Vege Smoked Duck
    Vege Pork Belly (Black Pepper)
    Vege Tuna Chunk
    Vege Smoked Ham
    Vege Sparerib Strips
    Vege Golden Duck
    Vege Salmon Fillets
    Vege Ham Paste
    Vege Chicken Paste
    Vege Half Chicken
    Vege Nori Fish

    Also, if you have not paid a visit to the new store, all canned vegetarian items can be found in Aisle 4B and all frozen vegetarian items can be found in Aisle 7A.

    Definitely worth a visit! Although I'm not a vegan, I did grow up in a Buddhist household and I can really appreciate the yummy vegetarian items they carry.



      Re: Re: My Thanh Market
      Posted by: Ross on 2011-08-04 07:48:09
      Also, from lasberry:

      "And I still haven't found what I'm looking foooooooor! (imitation Tuna).
      I went yesterday (10-9). It truly has dozens of vegetarian canned and frozen items. Canned in aisle 4B and frozen in the 7A freezer that you have to bend to get the stuff out (not the vertical with doors): frozen imitation fish, shrimp, ham, sausage, etc. and at very good prices for the volume. Also the back vertical fridge with doors (at the very end of the 7A aisle, facing the fresh fish market) -have to get passed the smell- has more veggie stuff. Now, I have to try it for taste and texture. Oh! and I have not carefully read all the labels yet, to make sure it is vegan."
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