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Craig? Posted at 2009/11/06 10:36am reply to

Posts: 1796
the rice and beans at Vivo's are on the level.  just remember to ask for no cheese, as they like to cover everything in melty ewwiness.
Daniela Posted at 2009/11/10 8:13pm reply to

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YES the beans and rice are veggie. i recommend it to people all the time. ask for no cheese. one of the girls that works there is vegan so she got it when i asked her about the food.

my offer stands for anyone who wants to meet there for puffy tacos. and their smoky hot sauce is great. and a hell yes for the margaritas.
John Posted at 2009/11/11 12:17pm reply to

Posts: 496
i'm always game for those puffy tacos. the tofu with guac is crazy goodness!
Stella Posted at 2009/11/14 10:59pm reply to

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I like the Vivo puffy tacos.
VeganBrian Posted at 2010/01/12 11:38am reply to

Posts: 139
Palvo's. The last time I went the waiter told me they had trouble making my dish vegan. I was like WTF!?! What's the dirt on this place?
Daniela Posted at 2010/01/14 2:19pm reply to

Posts: 396
@VeganBrian: are you talking about Polvo's?
VeganBrian Posted at 2010/01/22 7:21am reply to

Posts: 139
Yup! I drove by it and saw I made a spelling error. I also made a new thread about it. Hmm which to delete...(new thread)
vegibecca Posted at 2010/04/21 5:27pm reply to

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I used to work at Curra's and the managers went out of their way to make me special vegan dishes and let me know about vegan dishes all the time. They definitely seemed to have a special concern for providing vegan food for vegan people. That being said, they definitely told me that the flour tortillas were vegan (but those are the only tortillas they don't make in house, so it's possible that they didn't know for sure when they said that to me). Also, they told me that they did NOT use chicken broth in their rice but they had one stubborn cook who made the white rice on the weekends (the rice during the week was yellow) who kept using butter to make it even though they kept telling her to use oil.

Also, that was like 2 years ago so things may have changed since then.
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