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Summer housing
fabate Posted at 2019/03/23 3:47pm reply to

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I'm a non-traditional, i.e., older than normal, student expecting to work as a summer intern in Austin.  Looking for a small apartment (or room depending) from June through mid-August.

Ideally southwest of the city.

Please contact me with any possibilities, thanks.
katiemolina44 Posted at 2019/05/17 1:49am reply to

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First off, summer homes often are near a body of water where there is boating, swimming, sunbathing, fishing, clam digging and such. So, an outdoor shower with an attached changing room is a must. This outdoor area would be located to the side or rear of the property near a door that attaches to a mega-utility room with laundry facilities and a slop sink. Lots of storage and counter space for fish cleaning and food prep. Just outside that door would be a laundry yard, like in the large estates where a small fenced in area is a place to hang laundry and towels, out of view of the neighbors. Landscaped with seagrasses, of course.
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