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Please help me identify this Coconut Dri
Williamhawk Posted at 2017/11/03 7:03am reply to

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Hi guys.

I am hoping this is a simple thing but all of my google searching has not given me the answer.

I have had the identical drink in a Thai and Pho restaurants. So I imagine it is a common drink that comes in a can and I can buy it in the asian supermarket.

They call it Coconut juice or something like that. The thing that is different about it is that there are these white pieces of something in there at the bottom. I really like the taste of those and the drink in general. I have bought other coconut juice cans but they don't have the white bits and not as sweet.

I found a can that had "jelly" in it which while somewhat close, still was something different.

Anyone know what it is?


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