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EverlynKee Posted at 2016/01/03 1:10pm reply to

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Hi guys!
I am craving some bread recently and was wondering if breads are vegan? I checked the ingredients at HEB fresh baked goods but was not sure about it. Any tips and advice?
Ross Posted at 2016/01/04 4:59pm reply to

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Hi! Lots of breads are indeed vegan, the main non-vegan things you may find are whey, nonfat milk powder, honey if you avoid it, stuff like that. Then, some people go deeper than that to items that could be animal/plant, but especially if you're just starting out I would try avoiding the big ones.

I've been told by HEB before that items like their 12-grain bakeshop bread is vegan. I've found a few fresh baked items as well.
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