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ARTIST - Activism through art
VRA2015 Posted at 2015/09/19 9:52am reply to

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Hello everyone, I'm ...well let me just go by the name 'Faux'.
I'd like to find out if any of you would like to share ideas on doing art with a vegan theme.
I would love to do a large wall mural - but legally.
Painting at 'castle hill' is great and all, but it gets painted over too fast.

I have a large piece of cardboard ( around 8 ' x 10 ' ) that i have painted onto and plan to hang there. It will be temporary of course, but it should be seen by a few people at least.

The subject matter is quite predictable - a calf with a tear in its eye, while a girl chomps down on a burger.

I can link a picture later.  

VRA2015 Posted at 2015/09/19 3:51pm reply to

Posts: 15
Whoops ! Correction - The title of this thread should be ARTISTS  ( with an 'S' , since I am referring others, and not just myself.

I'd like to see what other artists are doing here in ATX.
VRA2015 Posted at 2015/09/19 4:43pm reply to

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Here is the cardboard piece, unfinished.
I have since worked some on the eye of the calf , as well as some basic touches to the girl.
VRA2015 Posted at 2015/09/20 2:12pm reply to

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I did a wall mural at Jerrysartarama a couple of weeks ago *, and they have a storage trailer there that is open to the public for doing art on. Please note : - It's the polite thing to ask first though -

Here is what it currently looks like :

I myself have done four pieces -  here are a couple :

I may cover over the one on the right though, since i need more space to paint ...this :

By itself, the image is alright, but I think I need bolder colors. Any suggestions ?  I was thinking something like the colors that Teresa Elliot uses in her work.

I might use spray paint on this one, since it will be so large. All of my other art, including the full size wall mural, were all done using brushes ( takes too long ! )

I'l like to do something similar to what Herakut does. That would be a challenge though, since the storage trailer has corrugated sides, which create distortion.

VRA2015 Posted at 2015/09/20 8:32pm reply to

Posts: 15
Minor update :

You all don't say much. (  It says 145 views - is that correct, or is it just hits from spam-bots ? )

Is VRA a pretty active place ? I notice there aren't a lot of new threads.
Jacob Posted at 2015/09/21 5:26pm reply to

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I do like the idea of vegan themed art.  There's so much anti-vegan art in the world, it would be nice to see a positive message.  Sometimes I see a billboard for a burger restaurant and wonder how much it would cost to buy a billboard with a vegan message.

Where do you plan on putting these?
VRA2015 Posted at 2015/09/21 7:59pm reply to

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I planned on displaying the art at 'castle/ graffiti hill' .
We shall see how that goes.

Is the Gathering at the Park 2015 still on ?
I'll bring it with me.

Billboards are really pricey, and are taken down after a few months.
I think a better option would be to find a building that you could do a large vegan themed mural onto.

I was a finalist in the AustinArtBoards contest a few years back. I did a piece that I tried to do something for the Austin Pets Alive, but I had to get creative, since the rules state that you can't have any sort of advertising in the art.
The nice thing about that contest was that once you won, your art was displayed on several billboards free.

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