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Italic Austin
Ross Posted at 2015/04/12 9:38am reply to

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There's a new Italian restaurant called Italic downtown and I emailed them to inquire about vegan options:

There are many options on our menu that can be prepared vegan. I've listed the easiest ones to "veganize" below.

Bitters Salad - radicchio, fennel, gorgonzola dolce, pine nuts, orange vinaigrette - omit gorgonzola
Roasted Cauliflower - capers, raisins, lemon, mint, olive oil - (ask for Vegan preparation)
Shaved Brussels - Sprouts parmigiano, walnuts, fresh herbs - omit parmigiano

Risotto & Artichokes - lemon, parmigiano, herbs - omit parmigiano

PIZZA (our dough is dairy/egg free)
Cherry Tomato -  basil, mozzarella - omit cheese
Rainbow Chard - olives, parmigiano, pickled hot peppers, lemon ricotta - omit cheese

Brussels Sprouts - balsamic shallots (ask for Vegan preparation)
Spinach - red chili flakes, lemon, mascarpone (ask for Vegan preparation)
Crispy Polenta - parmigiano, herbs - omit cheese
Rustic Potatoes - parmigiano, herbs - omit cheese

Grapefruit Campari Sorbetto (so good!)
lazy smurf Posted at 2015/04/13 9:40am reply to

lazy smurf
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I asked them and they told me they'd get back to me and didn't! I'm so glad they wrote back to you cause I totally want to check this place out.
Ross Posted at 2015/04/13 1:22pm reply to

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happy Report back if anyone checks 'em out!
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