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Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale
fletcherism Posted at 2015/03/16 1:25pm reply to

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Hi everyone. I've spoken with Ross and Brittany about organizing this year's event, and they told me that since they're getting ready to tie the knot, and Smurf's busy preparing for VVC, they're good with the AVVA heading up the planning for the bake sale.

The bake sales at Monkey Wrench, Counter Culture, and then at Wheatsville have always been so successful, so we'd love it if we could join forces, put together a really big bake sale and just knock this one out of the park.

We're looking at the first Saturday of the two, which will be April 25th. That's making for a fun April for us, what with VegFest, then the regular AVVA potluck, then Gathering in the Park, then this. The second Saturday of WWVBS, May 2nd, is also a possibility.

We've got some ideas about doing this year's bake sale in a really high-traffic place, like maybe South Congress. We're also considering a couple of possibilities for charities to donate to.

Thanks in advance everyone!

fletcherism Posted at 2015/04/17 12:05pm reply to

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Jessica. Posted at 2015/05/08 5:06pm reply to

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Just checking in for more details. I have all the WWVBS supplies in my garage from last year, including the banner (I'm pretty sure). We had offered to host it at Rabbit Food Grocery, that is if your other location falls through. We could set up a tent in the parking lot and have air-conditioned space inside just in case.

I haven't seen a sign-up sheet, yet, and just wanted to know if this is still in the works. I think SARA Sanctuary would be a good candidate for the charity, but there are so many great animal organizations to choose from.

Usually we put up a Google doc so people could sign up with what they are bringing, just so there aren't 30 plates of brownies. (not necessarily a bad thing....)

Anyway, we're looking forward to it!  happy
fletcherism Posted at 2015/05/21 5:52pm reply to

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Well Jessica, as you now know it didn't happen on the 17th. I want to apologize about that to you and everyone here.

So many things have come out of the woodwork that have complicated this and delayed it. One of them is finding out that there are two very different kinds of permitting issues to deal with. We would even, technically, still have to get them if we held it at RFG.

That doesn't mean that I am or we are giving up, we're just going to shoot for June now. I've communicated with the WWVBS people (who still have some events in other parts of the country, and the world, taking part through June).

I've got some possible solutions, and they may need RFG's help, so I'll contact you directly. Probably just drop by the store, actually. happy
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