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moving to austin
david Posted at 2006/05/21 11:10pm reply to

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Hey guys,

I'm not sure if this really fits this forum, but I'm planning on moving to Austin in July.  I haven't been there before (I'm moving with two close friends, but they're not really anything like me), and I was wondering if anyone wants to tell me some about the place.  I've talked to a few realty people, and it seems like we should be able to find an apartment that will be around $350 each per month.  Can we get cheaper?  Or is that too much?  What parts of Austin are the most convenient for getting to downtown/riding bikes, and what areas are safest?  If anyone wants to talk to me on IM, that would be excellent, too.  My screen name is in my profile.  


Ross Posted at 2006/05/22 9:00am reply to

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hi david! nice to meet ya. check out this thread:


you can definitely find 350 each or cheaper if you're on the east side, and probably down southeast(East of i-35) off of oltorf/riverside. you may also be able to find some north of 51st street near lamar. those are the cheapest neighborhoods that are sort of in reach of downtown. you may be able to find a good deal in hyde park(Which is a really nice area), but it's generally more expensive. it's right near UT campus and most central stuff.

central is pretty damn expensive, though i guess it's all relative to where you're living now. glad you're comin here, though! it's an awesome city.
pete Posted at 2006/05/22 10:56am reply to

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Hey, David. Welcome!

I just want to add that the cheaper areas Ross mentioned can also be the least safe, depending on where you are in the neighborhood. The Eastside (anything east of I-35, usually referring to the central-east part) is an area dominated by poor and working class blacks and Latinos, and it has recently become a haven for young white people (and the gentrification that comes with them) because of the low rent. However, many people on this site live in the Eastside, and find it very suitable to their needs. Any Eastsiders (Gabe, Chris, others?) wanna comment further on this?

The more central you are, the better, in my opinion. It will definitely feel more urban, as Austin has a crapload of sprawl. It'll feel more like the suburbs the further away you are from the city center. Ross has said this before, and I agree with him: the closer you are to Wheatsville Co-op, the better. Wheatsville is the main grocery co-op in town, vegan-friendly, and located at Guadulupe and 31st.

Glad to see you're moving here. Austin has a lot to offer. I'm actually moving away from here in August, and I will miss it very much. Where are you moving from?
Gabriel Posted at 2006/05/22 11:38am reply to

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$350 each is pretty reasonable.  I live in the downtown (East) area and rent a small house for $1000, which is an awesome deal.  My neighborhood does not really fit Pete's description of the East Side.  It is not cheap as a rule, although there are sometimes deals to be found.  Prior to living in the house I live in now, I rented one in the same neighborhood for $635.  It was not in good shape though, and I imagine that it rents for much more now that the landlord has actually fixed it up.  I like my neighborhood best of the East Austin neighborhoods, but it is not necessarily cheap and is difficult to find a house in.  Regardless....the location is awesome, and it's a wonderful neighborhood!  I walk to places downtown rather than if I could only land a job downtown (instead of freaking Round Rock!), I'd be set.

pete Posted at 2006/05/22 1:10pm reply to

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Yeah, my description of the East Side is a pretty general one that doesn't really refer to Gabe's neighborhood. He is right by downtown, so the proximity makes it pricier. Pretty much anything that's fairly central, or west of Mopac (Loop 1) is gonna be pretty pricey, although there are exceptions.
david Posted at 2006/05/28 4:14pm reply to

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hey guys, thanks a lot.  this definitely helps.
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