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Veggie Heaven's "Vegan" Quesadillas
Ross Posted at 2006/05/21 1:54pm reply to

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So I asked yesterday what kind of soy cheese they use for their "Vegan" quesadillas, and she brought out "Veggie Shreds" which has milk products in it. SO FYI- at least for the moment their veggie quesadillas aren't available vegan. I'm not really sure why anyone would get them anyway considering all the other stuff that's more asian-influenced there, but good to know.

I gave her a sheet of paper with the names of the only vegan cheeses available(and that they're kind of expensive) and said that most soy cheeses aren't vegan. So she said she would tell them. We'll see if anything changes.

Now I'm sort of skeptical about things like the soy proteins and the sort.
SarahLynn Posted at 2006/05/21 2:20pm reply to

Posts: 64
Bummer. They really shouldn't label it vegan.
Ross Posted at 2006/05/21 2:30pm reply to

Posts: 4574
yeah just keep your eye on it and see if they change the dry erase board listing for it
kaylawayla Posted at 2006/05/23 4:39pm reply to

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Not surprised about veggie heaven...unfortunately.  I used to eat there often in college, but I always felt a little sicky afterwards, so I stopped and we hardly ever go back.  
Gabriel Posted at 2006/05/24 1:17am reply to

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Another one bites the dust....

I think there is a very strong possibility that most of the nuggets in Asian-style vegetarian restaurants contain whey protein.  I don't believe that its something that the restaurant owners are watching out for.  This particular case is as disturbing as what happened as what happened with Nu Age, because it seems that the owners were not particularly careful.  You would think that vegetarian restaurants would be extra careful.  Sadly, that is not the case.
pete Posted at 2006/05/24 8:40am reply to

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This sucks. It seems like the people who run these restaurants don't even know to look out for the hidden ingredients. They say "vegan", but they don't even know the definition of it. It's like I can't even go to veg restaurants now without asking to get a copy of the ingredients list.
veganstephen Posted at 2006/06/07 2:23pm reply to

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Ross Posted at 2006/06/07 4:14pm reply to

Posts: 4574
this makes me laugh so hard...happy

but it's true.

how about rabbitism, as everyone pretty much equates vegans with rabbits anyway...haha..."lettuce-eater"
kaylawayla Posted at 2006/06/30 11:12am reply to

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How about just...Herbivore?  Still means 100% plants to me.  

I think rabbitism sounds gross like we only eat and wear rabbits! angry
CharlesV Posted at 2006/06/30 11:15am reply to

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Plant-Based Diet
Green Tums
Dirty Spoons
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