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LADIES: Breast Cancer Prevention
lmyers04 Posted at 2006/05/20 1:17am reply to

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In Natural Awakenings there was an article about the best way to fight breast cancer: PREVENTION.   Veganism fits quite nicely into the mold.  They listed a few practices/habits that every women should strive to conform to everyday, as it is the best way to stay healthy, prevent terminal illness, and add years to your life.

Do Everyday:
1.     Eat plenty of organic fruits and vegetables.  They are your friends.  They will care for you.  They will never forget your birthday.

2.     Go for "good fats" (i.e. omega 3s, found in flax)  Note: good phats are OK too

3.     Drink green tea.  Green tea contains antioxidants and health-promoting  substances shown to help reduce the risk of cancer

4.     Eat 2-3 tbsp flaxseeds.  The seeds are high in fiber and lignans, a part of plants' cell wall that may combat cancer. Flax to the max baby!

5.     take (vegan) cancer fighting supplement

6.     Sleep from about 10 om to 6am, or there-abouts.  Two independant studies published in the ournal of the National Cancer Institutes suggest that sleeping at the darkest hours boost levels of cancer-protective hormones, especially melatonin.  One found that women who work the night shift have a 50% higher risk of breast cancer!!!

7.     Exercise! Get your ass moving!  Studies show that 30 minutes a day will cut your risk of cancer by 30%! (and looking good in your skivvies is nice too...)

8.     Practice stress reduction (yoga, meditation, or breathing exercise....daily punching your pillow with Bush's face on it.......)

Do Several times a week:

1.     Eat a serving of whole soy foods.  A 2002 study found that women who ate soy four times a week during adolescence and adulthood had a 50% lower incidence of breast cancer than women who did not eat soy or ate soy less frequently.  Wow.

2.     Make - take - medicinal mushrooms.  They boost the immune system and slow tumor growth. And they are yummy!

3.     Eat a clove or two of fresh garlic.  Multiple studies show that garlic helps fight cancer; the plants allyl sulfer compounds inhibit tumors from forming in breast tissue.  AND garlic also increases the body's "natural killer" cells, which kill cancer cells.  In other words, garlic kicks ass.

4.     Have a serving of Japanese wakame or mekabu seaweed.  They are high in iodine, thought to have a cancer-protective effect.  A study showed that Hello Kitty loves wakame.....

5.     Use anit-inflammatory herbs.  COX-2 enzyme - involved in inflammation and found in high levels in breast cancers - promotes tumor-cell growth.  Herbs like oregano, rosemary, and Basil have potent anti-inflammatory effects.

Reduce or Avoid:

1.     Bad fats (hydrogenated oils).  Theses guys promote inflammation and cause your body to store toxins, which inturn causes your body to produce excess fat cells to protect against these toxins.  You will either get a lumpy ass or a tumor.  No dice.

2.     Meat and dairy (duh).  Hormones Hormones Hormones Fat Fat good.

3.     Simple carbs and simple sugars.  These guys cause the infamous sugar rush, which is actually your insulin levels soaring skyward, increasing breast cancer risk.  A 2004 study in Mexico found that those who ate a diet high in simple carbs (over 57% of diet) had DOUBLE the risk of cancer.  No me gusta la tortilla blanca.

4.     Alcohol (take it down a notch).  While keg stands are impressive, alcohol consumption by females stimulates estrogen productio, which does not take much to increase your risk of breast cancer.  Two daily drinks up your risk by 25 %....

5.     Smoking (ew....ew...)  Ladies! I hope none of you are smokers! BUt for those few rebels out there, get with the program, and if you wanna keep your boobies, put it out.

6.     Hormone replacement therapy.  This is for menopausal women....for those of you out there, work with a knowledgeable health care practitioner on lifesyle changes and using herbs as an alternative.

7.     Toxic products in your home.  Conventional cleaning supplies, laundry detergents, lawn and garden chemicals, and loads of personal care products contain carcinogens.  CARCINOGENS=CANCER CAUSING.  Please, before you slide that Secret across your armpits, or 'freshen up' with one of those always vagina wipes, stop and think about what sorts of cancer causing chemicals you are putting directly on your body, so close to your breasts and ovaries.  Its worth the money to buy natural brands like natures gate, toms, jason, ect.  Also, stop spending so much money on paper towels, cleaners, bleaches.  All you need are lemons, vinegar, and baking soda to efffectively clean your house.  Its earth friendly, cheaper, and safer.

This is my paraphrase of the article.  I hope it helps you guys make good decisions!  Go Boobs!

Ross Posted at 2006/05/20 8:43am reply to

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hahaha go boobs! Thanks Linds. This is a nice list!
Elle Posted at 2006/05/20 6:03pm reply to

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i'm totally sending this to my mom...
lmyers04 Posted at 2006/05/20 6:59pm reply to

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I sent it to all the females i knew....some of those statistics are unbelievable!  
kaylawayla Posted at 2006/05/21 3:16pm reply to

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Yay!  I love finding stuff like this, thanks happy  
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