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Circus Protest & Fundraising
erick Posted at 2014/07/18 8:09pm reply to

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Action for Animals Austin is holding it's Rally Against Ringling Bros. on August 20, at 6pm. The purpose of the rally is to protest the abuse of animals in circuses. It'll be a pretty low key protest, all participants are expected to do is hold a sign and smile. It's important we have a good turn out, having a large mass of people makes a bigger statement. Event details can be found here:

Also, Action for Animals Austin is raising money to run ads in the Austin Chronicle, as well as print posters and fliers, to educate the people of Austin about the animal abuse that occurs in circuses. You can help make it happen, any amount you can donate will help:
KateS Posted at 2014/07/19 9:18am reply to

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This is a great event to attend.  It really helps to show your support, doesn't take much time or effort, and you get to meet like-minded people.  Hope to see you there!
robyn Posted at 2014/08/14 11:52am reply to

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A reminder that the circus protest is next Wednesday, Aug. 20, at 6 pm. The better turnout we have, the stronger message we send. Please come and bring a friend!
Jacob Posted at 2014/08/18 6:49pm reply to

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I'll be there for sure.  I heard the ad made it to the chronicle.
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