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new Vegan menu at Alamo Drafthouse Villa
Jacob Posted at 2014/06/11 3:05pm reply to

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Alamo Drafthouse has a new vegan menu that is currently only at the Village location.  Yesterday they had a private sampling and invited vegans and vegetarians to try the new products and give feedback.  The new menu items are:
1) Samosas
2) Oatmeal Cherry Cookies
3) Cherry Tomato & Avocado Bruschetta
4) Spiced Tofu Tacos

I will talk about them in the order that I enjoyed the most first.
The Samosas were my favourite.  I always love samosas, so that's not really a surprise.  It looked like the chutney that came with it contained cilantro, but it must have been spicy enough that I couldn't taste it.  

The Oatmeal Cherry Cookies were awesome.  I normally don't like oatmeal cookies because normally they contain too much raisins and cinnamon.  These had none of those problems, and to make it even better, they contained cherries and were very fluffy/soft.  If I ever go to Alamo for a late night movie and just want dessert, these are what I'm going to order.  

The Bruschetta was good.  I don't know if I've ever had it with avocado before, but it was good like that.  When we talked to the chef, she said that when you order it in the theater, it will be served differently - more like a dip that you dip the bread into.  I think this will be a lot more fun than the boring hummus dip that we are probably all used to at this point.

The salsa in the tacos were really yummy.  I also like that they had tortilla chips in them.  I will say that even though I removed all of the cilantro I could see from the taco, I could still taste it a little so I either missed a leaf or the cilantro in the salsa is noticeable in the salsa. Even though they are last on my list, I still liked them; so that shows how awesome their new menu is.  

I'm hoping that ordering the food at a movie is going to be as good as the experience we had at the tasting.  They said that they will be trying this new menu at the Village location for 90 days and to give feedback.  So if you want to see a movie this summer - and there's always good summer movies - you should watch a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse Village and try one of their new items and make sure to give them feedback at

image image

carrie Posted at 2014/06/12 8:38am reply to

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This is really huge! Yay!!!
KateS Posted at 2014/06/12 8:53am reply to

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I loved the brushetta!  It was really tasty and had a nice balsamic drizzle too.  Sounds like it'll be a meal on its own if you wanted it to be.

Honestly, I was disappointed with the cookie.  It seemed dry to me, contrary to what others seemed to think.  Kinda crunchy.  And I really wish they would add a chocolate vegan dessert.

The samosa was...a samosa.  The best part was the mango chutney.  I could see ordering it to share with others, but probably wouldn't make a meal of it.

I actually liked the tacos a lot too.  I may be shunned for saying this, but I'm really a taco person.  And I'm not really a tofu person.  But these seemed pretty good, the salsa was really good, and I liked having the crunch of tortilla strips.

Overall - it is definitely worth trying these menu items out!  We've gotta get them feedback in this 90 day period to ensure they keep vegan options alive and well at the Alamo!  I smell the beginnings of a VRA movie meetup!
UTexasMark Posted at 2014/06/12 9:26am reply to

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Jacob Posted at 2014/06/12 9:47am reply to

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I think I made a mistake about the chutney on the samosa.  I thought it had looked like bits of cilantro, but if I would have examined the menu closer, it is in fact "peach and mint" chutney.  So that's why I couldn't taste the cilantro that I feared so much: It didn't exist!

It would be very silly if my favourite of the four was covered in cilantro.
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