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Finding Vegan Friends
Stacibrindle Posted at 2013/07/18 3:35pm reply to

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I know this may sound strange, but I have no vegan friends. I do have some amazing omni friends, but I'm looking to make some like minded veg friends near my age.

I'm 28 year old female and married to a vegan guy happy but other than my husband I know no other vegans! eek.
Can anyone suggest good ways to make new vegan friends to me, or share how you made your own vegan friends?
Ross Posted at 2013/07/18 5:09pm reply to

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Hi Staci and welcome! Come out to vegan events, there are tons going on in town these days, so plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded folks happy There's an ATX Vegan Drinks event tomorrow night (, which btw is not just about drinking, more just to socialize and tomorrow's is a build your own sundae event at Sweet Ritual.

We also have the vegan seafood potluck and a brunch one coming up too, so come on out and have some fun. happy
UTexasMark Posted at 2013/07/19 11:01am reply to

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The forums don't seem super active here, but I think the calendar and events section stays up to date (except for tonight's Vegan Drinks).  Feel free to post your own ideas too if there's just somewhere you want to try out, etc.
Jacob Posted at 2013/07/19 4:21pm reply to

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Yeah, not sure why Vegan Drinks tonight didn't get on the calendar this month, but there's at least 2 potlucks on the upcoming events and more to come soon.
Stacibrindle Posted at 2013/07/23 9:14am reply to

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Thanks folks. Hope to see you all soon!
AustinVegLiving Posted at 2013/11/22 6:20pm reply to

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Go to for almost all of Austin's veg events. My favorite events are potlucks. Several groups in town have vegan potlucks, some with a recurring monthly schedule (2nd Saturdays, etc.)
suepurrr Posted at 2013/12/20 7:55pm reply to

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Also Meet Up Groups like this one-
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