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Hardcore band?
Mandrew Posted at 2013/06/21 11:59am reply to

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I haven't posted on this board in a long time but I figured I'd give this a shot.  I know some folks on this board are into hardcore.  I'm looking to do a vegan hardcore band.  I've started a few bands over the years but nothing has seemed to stick.  Think NYHC meets NorCal meets Boston but in Austin.  Backtrack, Judge, Rotting Out, Have Heart, Guns Up, Terror etc.  Mosh for animals.
Ross Posted at 2013/07/07 7:38pm reply to

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I definitely know there are some peeps around along those lines, you might ask Kristen at Cap City Bakery
Meganwhitney Posted at 2013/07/07 7:55pm reply to

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The lead singer of DSGNS is vegan and so is the booker for Texas Metal Collective, James I think.  You should get in touch with one of them!
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