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Kristen Posted at 2013/06/05 3:14pm reply to

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Anyone have suggestions on which toob rental company to use? Also, anyone down for a picnic after?
UTexasMark Posted at 2013/06/06 11:03am reply to

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I'm in.  No idea where to rent.
mDadap Posted at 2013/06/10 2:03pm reply to

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We've used Bezdek Rentals in the past ( They have a strip of grass along the Guadalupe River, where you can park your car and camp, or just picnic. They drop you off up stream, and then you just get out when you get back to the picnic area. They also have a small store and restooms. We've always had the place to ourselves because we usually go mid-week. I bet they're a little more crowded on the weekends, so it might make sense to book the picnic sites ahead of time. I have no idea how they compare to other places though, as we've never been anywhere else, so there could easily be something better out there.

We also usually stop at Whole Foods and pick up sandwiches for a picnic before we go. If other people wanted to do the same thing, maybe we could meet there to carpool?
Jessica. Posted at 2013/06/11 2:05pm reply to

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I have 5 tubes, and an air compressor, and some other supplies, so if anyone wants in on that action, let me know.

I like the Horseshoe Loop, and Don's Fish Camp(San Marcos river), and Rockin R (Comal)...

This is my favorite, since I bring my own tubes (BYOT), you just pay to park.
Kristen Posted at 2013/06/20 10:47am reply to

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Updated the event! Jessi, you might call and ask if you can bring your own tube!
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