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Alamo DH NEW menu
KatieB Posted at 2013/03/06 3:28pm reply to

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I know there is a previous thread about Alamo's veggie burger, but I just saw that they rolled out a new menu this week.

Looks like they are using a GoodSeed patty, but who knows now if they have new buns, toppings, etc. There is an option to get it with avocado/hummus/sprouts/pesto, but the pesto probably has cheese.

They got rid of some options, and added some new ones. I haven't been there yet to ask (I go to the Lake Creek) about anything....but this is a heads-up.
Jacob Posted at 2013/03/07 3:40pm reply to

Posts: 2479
It would be super awesome if Alamo Drafthouse had vegan options!!! I would go there all the time.
Bishop Posted at 2013/03/07 11:10pm reply to

Posts: 32
I combed thru the new menu and wasn't too impressed.  There are more vegetarian options, but the number of vegan options remained about the same (most of the new vegetarian options still have dairy).  The only big dietary change they are accomodating on the new menu is a lot more gluten-free options.
Brian Posted at 2013/03/19 9:13pm reply to

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I talked with 2 different servers last week at Alamo Village.  Both were knowledgeable about the vegan options.

Sure, they are using a GoodSeed patty, but the buns are not vegan, and the pesto does have parmesan in it.
AustinVegLiving Posted at 2013/04/05 7:07am reply to

Posts: 97
They used to serve my favorite vegan meal in this whole town, Spaqhetti Squash with Pomodoro Squash, RIP. :-(
weigand Posted at 2013/05/10 1:59am reply to

Posts: 539
So has there been any more research and inquiries into what's vegan on the new menu? I used to have a little cheat sheet I printed out and took along with me whenever I went. Someone was kind enough to publish it on some web site a little while back. I forget where.

- Steve
apryl_knight Posted at 2013/11/07 4:01pm reply to

Posts: 14
I'm very interested in knowing what's vegan on the new menu as well.  I'm getting a bit tired of white bean hummus and chips.
Ross Posted at 2013/11/08 10:48am reply to

Posts: 4574
The menu as of a couple nights ago at Lakeline seemed like it still had a lot more of the traditional options, so theoretically you should still be able to get pizza and the like

>I'm very interested in knowing what's vegan on the new menu as well.  I'm getting a bit tired of white bean hummus and chips.
KatieB Posted at 2013/11/17 6:24pm reply to

Posts: 37
There's a tofu wrap, but I never get a chance to ask a server how the tofu is prepared. I got a tofu wrap at Whole Foods once that was just awful.  Plain, raw, cold tofu squares with lettuce. It was gross. Until I can actually ask someone about it, I don't want to chance ordering it.

I usually get the goodseed burger with avocado, tomato, sprouts, and hummus
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