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Good to Go gone for good :(
jeff Posted at 2013/02/15 11:41am reply to

Posts: 468
I never made it out to Good to Go, and now it seems they are closing for good.


We tried to go a couple weeks ago and saw it wasn't open. Then I called the North Austin Trailer Yard guy last week--said he didn't know if they would be back and to check back. Just did today and he said they appear to be gone for good!

I guess the owner runs some other Ramen noodle place--F THAT! I WANT MY FUCKING VEGGIE BURGERS! The GTG menu looked amazing and I had heard good things...too bad.
Cassandra Posted at 2013/02/15 5:37pm reply to

Posts: 120
Who the what?!?

They had an awesome mac and cheese. Dang. Is that ramen place even vegan?
carrie Posted at 2013/02/15 6:50pm reply to

Posts: 786
Look out! Vegan rage attack happening! :-P It is a bummer though. I only ate there once and wanted to try the rest of the menu.
AustinVegLiving Posted at 2013/03/01 5:08pm reply to

Posts: 97
The bad news is that Freddy has closed Good To Go permanently in order to open Michi Ramen on N. Lamar (and is not selling the truck, as of right now). The good news is that Black Star Beer Co-op off of N. Lamar has a new and improved veggie burger (IMHO).
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