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Good news, vegan gardeners!
Jessica. Posted at 2013/01/14 3:52pm reply to

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Word on the street is that there's an all-vegan soil company out of Houston, that sells bagged veganic soil!

The Ground Up - includes: Handcrafted Humus Compost, Premium Rose & Azalea soil, Premium Flowerbed & Garden Soil, Premium Raised Bed & Square Foot Gardening Soil, Super Sustain Potting Soil, Handcrafted Vitamulch Blend

"Are your products vegan?"
Yes they are! Our entire Beyond Organic line of bagged soil, mulch & humus compost are all enirely vegan quality.

You can find us there at The Great Outdoors, TreeHouse, It's About Thyme and Breed & Co!

Not far from Austin, we are also available at Callahan's General Store, Hill Country Gardens and Round Rock Garden Center.


SO... when spring comes, you'll have lots of veganically grown veggies to share, right?
Ross Posted at 2013/01/14 7:54pm reply to

Posts: 4574
Any idea on pricing? Really cool!
Jessica. Posted at 2013/01/14 10:48pm reply to

Posts: 446
scrolling through their facebook photos, I've seen prices around $8-10 for the big bags, and less for the small bags. Next time I'm at the Great Outdoors, I'll check!
jen Posted at 2013/01/16 3:54pm reply to

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ha, this is actually the brand i ended up getting last week.  it was $10.99/bag at Round Rock Garden Center.  The Humus variety was recommended to me, so that is the one I purchased.
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