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Austin Java
mDadap Posted at 2012/12/06 8:54pm reply to

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Just a heads up to be really careful at the new Austin Java location in Tarrytown. Dan and I went there tonight, and ended up being served dairy cheese, non-vegan dressing, non-vegan mayonaise, and who knows what else. They have vegan versions of all of these things, but even though we said that we were vegan a million times, and very clearly ordered the veganized versions of the menu items, we were still served non-vegan food left and right. Our server didn't know the difference between vegetarian and vegan, the cooks didn't know the difference, and the manager wasn't much better. We only realized we were being served dairy, because we could smell/taste it - yuck!

I know they are brand new, and are still working out the kinks, so I really hope it gets better.... but, just be super careful about what you order/eat until they figure their shit out. The manager ended up comping our meal, but it was still an awful experience, that I hope none of you have to go through.

I always hate to post any kind of negative review, as I'm really appreciative of the fact that they even offer vegan options, so I hope I'll be able to give them another chance in the future.
BrittlePants Posted at 2012/12/06 10:11pm reply to

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thanks for sharing! You should consider posting this on yelp, too, so others outside of VRA can be cautious happy
jeff Posted at 2012/12/08 3:20pm reply to

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That's too bad. I heard that from one other person, but I had a good experience the other day. Our server was a young guy who seemed knowledgeable about vegan options. Had the portobello pesto tofu Benedict with vegan hollandaise--tasted great. I did double check about the sauce and will make sure to triple check next time! Let's hope it's smoothed out soon. Excited about their menu and having another all-veg place with so many vegan comfort food options.
Jacob Posted at 2012/12/17 3:44pm reply to

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hope they fix this
Bishop Posted at 2012/12/17 9:31pm reply to

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Peter and I went for my last dinner before my surgery and while we didn't have the issues ya'll did, I was pretty disappointed with the food I did get.  I had the cheddar avacado burger with vegan cheese and the black-bean chipolte burger and it was probably the most bland burger patty I had ever had.
peter Posted at 2012/12/18 1:43pm reply to

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Yeah, and their tofu scramble was pretty awful. Hopefully they can get their act together.
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