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UFC fighters Nick and Nate Diaz
weigand Posted at 2012/12/04 12:33pm reply to

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Iron Clad Ben Posted at 2012/12/10 1:42pm reply to

Iron Clad Ben
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So what do you think Steve?  Should he be eating more protein?
weigand Posted at 2012/12/10 2:17pm reply to

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Well he did lose his fight, by the way. Bummer for him.

No, I have no idea if he's getting enough protein or not. In general, his body type has been un-muscular and skinny. I've often said that he needs to start doing strength training much more seriously, and that was before I learned of him being vegan by the way (I only found that out a couple weeks ago) .

After seeing his latest fight, my opinion is that he really needs to work on power, strength, and aggression. He prefers to go with the flow, rather than resisting with force. That style is smart, but the flaw in it is the fact that he's spending too much time waiting for a good opening to attack. He would be better off with more power so he didn't have to yield to force.

But, the downside to gaining strength is putting on muscle weight, and probably fat weight. That could easily push him into the next weight division up, where he would face much harder competition. He knows all about that, of course, so he keeps his fat extremely low. Trouble is, he's also keeping his muscle low. In that case, I'd just say he needs maybe a new coach to work with him on developing his aggression and strategy more. Strength and power can be improved a little also, so long as it doesn't push him into the next weight category.

My thoughts anyway.

- Steve
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