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Vegan Thanksgiving!
nae Posted at 2012/11/18 6:40pm reply to

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Do you not have plans on Thursday night? Have no family in town? Perhaps you're new to Austin? Maybe you just don't want to deal with going to someone's home and having to decline meat-filled dishes? Maybe the family you do have in town likes to tell embarrassing stories about you that you just don't want to hear! In other words, do you need a place to eat a ridiculous amount of food this year for Thanksgiving?

Well I have a solution for you!

Come to my place Thursday evening for a delicious Thanksgiving potluck. There will be tons of food and new friends! Plus, you won't have to be afraid to eat the stuffing in case your aunt "accidentally" used chicken broth instead of veggie.

I believe people will be showing up around 4pmish and we'll start eating around 6-7pm. There will also be gluten free options. If you have questions, feel free to message me or post here. We have a Facebook event as well where we are listing off the foods people are bringing. Come join us!
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