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Austin Gorilla Run
UTexasMark Posted at 2012/11/05 3:59pm reply to

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When you run in the Austin Gorilla Run you:
1) Run a fun 5K with your friends
2) Benefit mountain gorillas
3) Keep your gorilla suit
4) Enjoy lunch and an after party
5) Get to hear live music

Proceeds from the race directly benefit Ugandans, Rwandans, and citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo in veterinary educational training, with the end goal of protecting the highly endangered Mountain Gorillas in Africa. In 1987 there were only 248 mountain gorillas alive in the world, but through the veterinary and conservation efforts of the MGCF, the population has nearly tripled to 720.

A little pricey now that early bird is done (and more expensive than last year), but you get to keep your gorilla suit and it's for a good cause!
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